The MERAKI Project

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Welcome to our first blog post!

Since we launched the House of Cera last September 2020, countless people with the goal of starting a cafe or restaurant have approached us asking for tips or products that would best suit their chosen theme. We understand that clients face several challenges when it comes to procuring the best ceramic merchandise be it the scarcity of options in the market, the exorbitant prices or the sub-par quality standards.

Because of this, our team decided to establish THE MERAKI PROJECT.

Meraki, a Greek word, means doing something with soul, creativity or love; leaving a piece of yourself in what you are doing. This project aims to provide entrepreneurs the ability to access quality products especially curated to match their needs at very competitive prices. It is important to note that the merchandise offered will not be limited to the ones currently being sold on our website. Our team will make the effort of reaching out to our suppliers all over Asia to seek out the best earthenwares for you.

This service will officially start in March 2021, but we will begin accepting appointments via zoom calls to discuss your business' background during the 2nd half of February. 

Hit us up and let us help you turn your dream establishment into a reality!

Best regards
Kim and Karmi

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